“Metadata is the new most important thing to know about…

[…] “information about the book” – there is no limit to that. There will be no end to the categories of quality, interest, and association each book can have attached to it.

How many books published in years past, for example, should now be associated with “Gulf oil spill?” If you published one discussing whether using chemical dispersants is a good idea or not, I think you’d probably want somebody googling “Gulf oil spill” to find it, wouldn’t you?

[Soon] half the sales of new books will be made online. All the sales of books online are highly dependent on metadata. Very robust metadata can enable a book and author to get discovered when more minimal, even though correct, metadata would omit it from the conversation. Incorrect metadata can prevent a book from being found even if the customer knows pretty much what they’re looking for.”

Mike Shatzkin, June 8, 2010

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